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Name:Slythindor Challenge Community
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Anybody
WARNING: The contents of this community includes fanfiction, some of which contains explicit material. The authors are not responsible for underage readers. Please observe the ratings, warnings, and age of legal consent for your country.

Much of the material that is discussed here is of a graphic and adult nature (NC-17), and contains m/m sex. If you are not of age to read this material, or have moral issues with same sex relationships, this is not the community for you.

Welcome to [community profile] slythindor100, the community for fics and drabbles in a Harry/Draco verse. Basically, this community was created for those that like their challenges a little more tricky and the rules are as follows:

Pairings: This community centers around Harry and Draco as a couple, which ever way you like it but, as it was brought to my attention that the world does not revolve around that pairing, other pairings are allowed too, as long as they are still set in a verse where H/D is a fact.
De facto that means: Write whatever pairing you want to but the only way we like Draco is with Harry and the only way we like Harry is with Draco. Note: Incest of any kind and chan are not allowed in this community.

Word Count: 100 words are minimum. above that, the sky's the limit!

Cuts: Everything above 100 words as well as everything that has contents that might not be suitable for everyone goes under a cut. That makes reading a journal so much easier.

Challenges: Now, the core of the fun. Challenges will be posted every other Saturday (theoretically) and can be anything from a quote, a screencap, a picture, a poem, to lyrics or a single word. Whatever strikes us challenge worthy.

Non-challenge entries: Are always welcome, but please mark them clearly (and that includes a word count. I don't want to start reading something I think is a drabble and realize it's 10,000 words long) and stick to the usual rules.

You get one get out of jail free card for everything, but after the first warning I don't want to see anymore messes. This is not meant to piss you off, it's meant to allow people to see what they get before they buy.

Header: Every post must have a header. Said header should look about like this:

Title: Optional
Rating: Anything R and above must have a rating.
Word Count: Optional but appreciated (non-optional for non-challenge posts)
Challenge: Yes please, makes tagging that much easier.
Warnings: character death, OOC, rape, abuse, suicide, drugs etc....
A/N: Optional.

Subject: Please put the title of your drabble into the subject, as well as any pairing that is not H/D.

Comments: If you have something to say about a drabble, just post a comment. The authors all love a comment and you can help improving the writing of others.

Double Entendre Fun, once known as the Monday fun but since evolved. Everyone can join and mess around. Rules and current players can be found here. If you're already a player you can join [profile] taggingfun_info to stay updated on whose turn it is.

Ideas, problems and suggestions for challenges as well as anything else concerning the mod should please be stated as a comment on a challenge, not as a regular entry, or in my private eljay [personal profile] sassy_cissa

If you wish to be affiliated with [community profile] slythindor100, please leave a comment.


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None of the characters used belong to us, the are property of one lovely J.K.Rowling. We only borrow and promise to put them back, once we're done.

This community is a mirror of ones in existence on LJ and IJ.

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